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Challis- Original handpainted

Framed Size 26x31 The hay trailer is loaded and it's freezing! So you better hurry and get those cow's fed before that storm hit's.... Well, thats what im thinking when I look at that forbidding blue grey sky cold and crisp. It just sets off the deep fiery reds in Challis barn. Double suede matted and beautifully framed. Perfect for any home.Painting size measures 18x24 total size 26x31 and a half.This painting is a great size for an office or for over the sofa sharp and vivid it catches the eye.This is a painting I find myself seeking out. The dynamic colors are compelling the scene is interesting and engaging. This is a painting you never get tired of.So let's hurry mom will have a hot dinner waiting for us when we get home and im sure I smelled apple pie before we left.

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Challis- Original handpainted Challis- Original handpainted

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