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Ambrose Barn - Original Handpainted

Framed size is 27x33" This old barn has been out here for as long as most can remember.Tucked back in behind a mountain and a jungle of tree's. No one quite knows who owns it. This is just one of those places that if you grew up around here you know about. If you look you can just make out the ladder inside. I heard one of the Lootin boys got chased out of there this summer by a racoon.His friends are still laughing I don't see him living that down for a while.This is a one of a kind original pastel painting.Painting size is 18x24 total size is 33x27 it's double matted bottom matt is deep brown and top matt is tan seude,and framed behind glass. This is a classic barn that will bring joy to your home or office for many years.

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Ambrose Barn - Original Handpainted Ambrose Barn - Original Handpainted

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