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Riding Fence - Original Handpainted

Framed size 18.5 x 35.5" Out in the back forty the sun is shining and warm and the air is so cold you can see your breath.Before you is a sight few people ever get the joy of experiencing back country in December. Well it can be your perfect moment frozen in time and waiting for you when ever you need an escape. Perfect for over the computor desk it measures 35and a half by 18and a half. "Picture size".This painting is actually '2' 11x14 paintings framed as a panoramic. Double matted bottom matt is a deep brown, top matt is almond suede. The frame is wood but has an almost leather look creating a rustic feel add to this high quality non glare glass and you have a sure winner. Your colors are icy blue, clean almond, cold deep brown and snow white with just a touch of chocolate.How many people do you know who can say they own a one of a kind peice of art? Well if your going to purchase that something special Riding Fence is an exelent choice I have seen this painting drop more than a few jaws. It's clear and refreshing.

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Riding Fence - Original Handpainted Riding Fence - Original Handpainted

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