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Clear Creek Bridge - Original Handpainted

Clear creek now more of a marsh land rather than a just a creek.Half way between the sticks and the boonies what a great place to listen to crickets and frogs, To see dear and even moose." WOW" are they big and I heard there are elk out here also. This is such a great painting it's hard to resist staring. the painting size measures 11x14 total size is 19x22 it is part of a set though they are listed seperatly if you purchase both I will reduce the price from 300.00 for one to 500.00 for both. the set is double matted in bottom matt is a deep brown,Top matt is a tan seude. Email me to arrange set puchase.Oh and by the way, If you see those boy's out there you tell them to beat it home. They've got chore's to do.

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Clear Creek Bridge - Original Handpainted Clear Creek Bridge - Original Handpainted

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