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Pine forest creek - Original Handpainted

Welcome to pine creek not many people even know it's here the smell of fresh air the birds in the tree's and sound of water is all you hear. If you stay long enough the frogs and the crickets will start to sing. The perfect place to spend your day.This is a one of a kind original pastel painting. So what does that mean to you ? Well it means you will see that briliance of color that you can only find with pastel.Also pastel doesn't crack or fade with age. All my work come's full framed behind glass. So all you have to do is hang it and enjoy. Picture size is 18x24" total size is 32.5x26.5" it's triple matted in icy blue mouse grey and charcoal beautifully framed the colors are vivid and rich and will pull you right in. This is a favorite of many.The depth and color of this painting is just amazing to look at.

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Pine forest creek - Original Handpainted Pine forest creek - Original Handpainted

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