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High Country Bridge - Orignial Handpainted

So here we are all loaded up and squished in tight. Listening to our fearless leader spin tale's of his prowess and daring. "Translation"Shamelessly lying,telling joke's and laughing all the way up to cranberry creek. Where we hope a good time will be had by all. Painting size is 18x24 total size is 33x27. Double matted bottom matt is a deep brown,the top matt is a warm seude tan.Beautifully framed behind glass all you have to do is hang and enjoy. Perfect for over the sofa, in an office,or an amazing center peice for a dining room,or even as a dramatic focal point for a bed room. There just isn't a place this painting wouln't impress, Classic looks are always in fashion, and this is a painting that will stand the test of time.

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High Country Bridge - Orignial Handpainted High Country Bridge - Orignial Handpainted

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