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Sheep herders barn - Original Handpainted

It's spring at the sheep herders barn. That means soon this place will be full off spring lambs.A perfect place for babys. With lot's of new grass and a warm barn. I can hardly wait.Picture size is 18x24 double matted bottom matt is a deep chocolate, Top matt is a warm tan seude, The wood frame has just the right amount of rustic versus class. This beautifully framed painting is safe behind glass where it will bring joy your home for generations.Why is pastel so worth it? Well it doesn't crack like oil paint or fade like a water color. It just has a vibrance and a depth of color that draws people in.Why don't more people use it? Well pastel is a dry paint with a texture similar to chalk it is considered difficult to work with and control.But the end result is undeniable. It's beautiful and my work is sharp and clear people who veiw my paintings don't need to get out there glasses up close or at a distance.

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Sheep herders barn - Original Handpainted Sheep herders barn - Original Handpainted

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